This page is dedicated to SHECOM’s Trading Section who is dedicated to your dedication for capturing dedicated moments of your life in ever lasting dedicated Digital World.

It is amazing that real beauty of the world and happenings are captured and transferred all over the world in matter of seconds. Your passion for meeting people or seeing products and places personally is healed or enhanced. You can see and listen with clarity; you can alter the defects and be demanding for better and still better. The Applications are countless and you can get best of the products directly from SHECOM today!

You may order One or you may order Hundred
SHECOM carries the latest versions of Digital Cameras and Camcorders made by reputed Japanese corporations and send them across to you with warranty. You may order one or you may order hundred, if your order is something we have in stock your order wil be procesed on the same day. If you are in the USA, you will get the order next date. In Asia and most of Europe you will get them early next day.

How does it work
Payment: SHECOM has regular customers who buy on a daily basis is trust built up and the account is created, thereby ordered goods are shipped same day and payment by customer is done same day. All this safeguards exchange loss at both ends, which is fluctuating every moment. Therefore, for our new customers we ask for advance payment and then take their enquiries or orders seriously. One of the best ways can be to keep retainer with SHECOM.

Warranty: Every unit is checked by us before shipment and supplied with warranty directly from the manufacturer local warranty of the manufacturer will not apply internationally. Your experience with cameras must have shown you that defective products are rare. Due to some reason beyond our control, if the product is not working or faulty, you may contact for RMA department. we will get it repaired from the manufacturer and send you back by air with postage/freight pre-paid.

Shipment: Japanese Infrastructure is marvelous. Payment information is on-line and informed right away. Kobe is blessed with Japan’s one of the best & biggest seaport and there is Kobe airport too. Bullet Train and 5 different train companies operate their services three minutes away from SHECOM office. Shipping goods from SHECOM Japan to any part of the World is as quick as you said it. World famous UPS, FEDEX, other couriers visit SHECOM office daily for pick-up, Air and Sea forwarders are phone call away. You will never complain about goods delayed from SHECOM Kobe. SHECOM service is onboard!

Packing: Each set is carefully checked then put in the export carton with Styrofoam added to absorb shock, if any. Export boxes are then shrink wrapped to avoid pilferage. If the quantity is large, a pallet is used and then full pallet