Company Name : SHECOM k.k.
Founding : JULY 1984
Capital : Y95,750,000 (About US$1Million)
Business : Computer Parts & developement, Softwares import/export, 3D, R&D, M&A, Consulting 
Products : Computer Parts, Memory, Software, Digital  Camera, Solar Energy, LCD Panels, LED, EV, Lithium Battery
Int. Business : USA, India, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan,S.Korea, Austalia, Middle East.
Banks : SMBC, Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ, Kansai Urban
With over 40 years of experience, SHECOM mission is to provide the industry with the latest innovations in computer parts, solar energy, LEDs, commodities, optical media, and software applications. Being on the cutting edge, SHECOM is involved in R&D, manufactures small lots in own or sub-contracted facilities in Japan, mass produce or resource it from labor competitive countries under Japanese supervision, then distributes it's own produts or on OEM basis. With the relationship we have with key manufacturers, we can substantially lower costs to create substantial savings to your bottom line. As a first step, SHECOM has and continues to develop relationships with other R&D, software companies and OEM manufacturers.
An emerging leader in the market, SHECOM was organized in 1984 and recognized the tremendous market opportunity for innovative technology and through a series of general development projects, technology licensing agreements and production contracts, SHECOM grew rapidly. With extensive product development experience in a variety of industries, SHECOM's development team proved that it could deliver products meeting the most rigorous durability and reliability testing requirements. An impressive track record was built upon the team's ability to quickly develop unique products, employing its expertise to ensure that those products reliably met the varied and evolving needs of customers. The key to this success is the creative and innovative style that the team brings to each project. The ability to look at a problem, conceptualize the solution and then turn that into a highly effective product is a characteristic that the Shecom team is proud to possess. SHECOM's track record of success has been built upon its ability to rapidly develop innovative products.
Japanese Products are supperior quality, innovative, practical and mostly wanted by people of high taste. New products come out quicker but by the time they are marketed in each country, it is too late. The world has become so small that you can get goods directly from Japan as quick as the same day or the next day in some countries. SHECOM trading section has pledged to offer latest products of Japanese makers at the most competitve price so that you can be “proud” owner of the products in fade and at the same time pay lower price than others. This business is suitable as B2B (Business to Business) customers and we call it B3 (Best Business to Business).
SHECOM's business philosophy focuses on creating value for the key members of its extended team. SHECOM creates value by developing high-performance, cost-effective products that are rapidly brought to market and in turn add value to the products of its strategic partners and their customers. SHECOM believes that its unique combination of people, technology, and its passion for excellence are the key attributes for its success over the past several years and into the future.
We value our customers We believe that our first responsibility is to our customers- the companies that use our products and services. We must constantly innovate products of high quality and value that allow our customers to meet their goals. In all that we do for our customers, we will operate in an ethical, legal, and professional manner.
Our goal is for everyone at SHECOM to develop a rewarding career with opportunities for success, growth, and a balance between work and home life. We aspire to provide an entrepreneurial environment where all employees will have a passion for the work they do, the willpower to overcome significant challenges, and the willingness to take risks in meeting our business objectives.