Whether we like it or not, one thing is sure that this decade will change the way we use energy. Our dependence on Gasoline car is going to be replaced with Hybrid or complete Electric Vehicles. It has been proved that EV can run faster and longer than Gasoline powered cars. Japan is famous for quality, designing, compatibility, microscopic, new developments, making practical use of developed products and refining the existing products and development. There are severalinstitutes, corporations and individuals unknown outside Japan who are workingin the unknown ways to bring Eco-firendly energy so that EV (Electric Vehicles),HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) or PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) can become part of your daily transportation.
New technology, new cars, new parts, new ways to refill the tanks, new norms, new benchmarks and new standards will come out of Japan. Yes, today itself, it is possible to move from places to places and in fastest way without using a drop of gasoline but everything need to be mass manufactured and infra structure need to be addressed so that common man can afford it.
Future cars will not be manufactured only with Mechanical expertise but with Electric expertise too. Leading role will be played by electric companies and electronic products manufacturers. SHECOMes electronic background and small lot manufacturing infrastructure can be econimical and quick for your immediate needs. SHECOM has long relationship with Japanese Electronic companies therefore parts procurement and developement is easy. SHECOM also has 3D Graphic team who can design and make computerised simulation of new product so that less time goes in real manufacturing.
World economy has matured to see positive changes much earlier than expected. It is global dependence, new companies with faster action and better imagination blended with eco-friendly ways will replace present leaders. SHECOM is ready to assist you in every possible way so that eco-firendly EV is available to common man as quickly as possible.
  • Design and programme controller for EV
  • Develop simulators with proper torque for EV
  • Develop prototypes of EV with latest technology
  • Develop prototype of Quick Charger with induction technology
  • Manufacture pre-production lots for you to mass produce
  • Supply good quality EV parts, specially Invertors, Motors and Lithium Batteries
  • Make a Bill of Material for EV, Lithium Batteries
  • Design Factory Automation
  • Supply and maintan Robotic and Automation Equipments
  • R&D, Recruiting and M&A