Black-out, greater energy demand, pollution produced from power stations causes the climatic troubles. Consequent environmental impacts, contribute to the remarkably increase of research and use of Renewable Energy in comparison with traditional energy sources. Sunlight is the noblest and inexhaustible energy source and that too free.

Solar electric power systems are now used around the world, servicing many different remote and mobile electrical needs. From full-time off-grid homes to vacation cabins, heating pools, water pumping, irrigation, gazebos, mobile homes, boats, remote communications stations, remote monitoring, refrigeration, power portable devices (i.e. computers), off-shore platforms, military applications, exterior lighting: streetlights, parking, recreational areas, highways signs, traffic signals, small garden lights, telecommunications, industries, building integration, etc. For various utility needs, solar electric power is a significant contributor to the world's power usage.

By using an inverter one can transform DC electricity from the batteries into AC power to connect the circuit breaker box and the outlets in home and office. Solar energy is already part of our life and with new developments, solar energy will be dependable partner of our everyday life.

Where the extension of utility lines is a major factor, PV is cost effective in the right location. We term approximately one-third of a mile as a thumb rule for cost effectiveness, yet rates vary substantially from place to place. Getting a quote from your local power company and/or solar integrator is the best way to judge relative cost comparison.
An ever-growing number of applications can be realized and constructed with photovoltaic: from small and simple consumer needs to large solar electric systems for communities and commercial uses. In fact photovoltaic systems can be constructed to any size based on energy requirements and can easily be enlarged or moved, thus contributing to the energy needs worldwide.
Japan is one of the pioneer and leader in new developments in Energies. Japanese companies have made Bright Power LEDs which can give illumination of 100 Watt range bulb but consume only 9 Watt power. Rechargeable Batteries in Lithium-ion, Polymer, Nickel Hydrogen, etc., with 6,000 cycles and more that too in Giga cell storage and solar panels of 200watts and above are some of the achievements which will change the way we use energy. Large batteries are already there to take care of electricity to zero or near zero bills and capable enough to move even locomotives so that CO2 free environment is assured.
  1. low impact on the landscape
  2. no production of air pollution or hazardous waste
  3. environmental protection
  4. donft require liquid or gaseous fuels to be transported or combusted
  5. can generate power in all weather and climates since PV modules resist under the worse environmental conditions
  6. can be quickly installed anywhere
  7. clean, safe, reliable and quiet operation
  8. very low and easy maintenance
  9. energy security and efficiency
  10. installed PV systems generate power continuously with minimal operating costs
  11. PV modules and battery bank are modular so you can double or increase the PV systems anytime
  12. reduction of dependence on foreign and/or decentralized sources of energy
  13. systems are usually placed close to where the electricity is used, so they require much shorter power distribution lines than those needed to bring power in from the utility grid
  14. economic growth
  15. cost-effective - consumers can produce the energy they need within their own borders
  16. short payback time (generally two to five years) but with operating time of over 30 years
  17. reduction of utility energy bills
  18. operates reliably for long periods of time with virtually no maintenance
  19. power from the modules is transferred to the utility company. Depending on the country, the owner of any grid- connected PV system can buy and sell electricity to the utility company.

New developments in Energy Storage products like Batteries, Condensers, and Capacitors nick named Golden Capacitors have opened a way for Hybrid Cars. Mass production and much easier production methods will illuminate the world at zero or near zero prices like IP phones are used. We have ready products available for mass production to cut down the cost.

With the break through achieved in high bright White LED, offering high Lumen output of over 80 Lumen per watt and the technology development on the anvil to offer LED to reach the level of 300 Lumen per watt in very near future, the future in lighting is going to be mostly based on LED powered lighting. Additionally, the life expectancy of over 100,000 hours

(no need to replace the LED modules/bulbs for15-20 years) with practically no maintenance is a major boon. Added to this the power driver being a simple DC source the reliability issues connected with the control gear of conventional lighting is done away with. All leading lighting manufacturers are engaged in the development of the new POWER LED technology and Japanese are leading the way. Presently available Mono crystalline Solar cells or Polycrystalline made from Silicon waste are available in large quantities from Japan and industry wise, amorphous type Solar Cells made with

CIS/CIGS technology are flexible, slim and cheaper and works out repayment plans within months instead of years. Japan is vigorously making end products for the expanding world requirements.

SHECOM has export-import, wholesale and marketing division, own developed products, R&D Center, small lots production facilities, and is well connected to large Japanese and International Corporations to handle any size of the business and project for your benefit. Photovoltaic, Batteries and LEDs, are going to be upscale and mainstay business for at least next 20years. Get to know Japan and SHECOM for revolution in new energy happening right now.