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SHECOM has introduced a reliable, bright and smart street light based on LED/Battery/Solar Power, which can also be used for gardens, entrances, and sidewalks. Although illumination from the street light is free, but they are not “plug and play” products as configuration is done after knowing the hours of light reqired and available sunshine depending on geographical conditions. The initial costs for R&D, transporting and installing, although, are steep in price causing a delay in purchasing the product.

SHECOM thinks that corporate advertisements and institutional support for volume purchases and commitment to C02 reduction can immediately pave a way for LED/Battery/Solar power based lighting system. All SHECOM products are Made in Japan to meet the highest standard in lighting.

A complete system can be purchased directly from Japan. It is also possible to order parts only and schematics from SHECOM and build it yourself for you "do-it-yourselfers." SHECOM lamp poles can be configured with illumination equivalent to even 500 Watts range ordinary bulbs which can be specified in multiple installations at the customer’s option.

We stand behind the quality of our LED lights- Japanese innovation and quality is our plus point. Our simple concept of supplying Japanese parts along with the Japanese "know-how," to your facility for assembly, will be beneficial to all parties.