Global challenges need to be addressed with advanced technology. There is huge scope of Consultancy, Engineering, Technical assistance and Collaborationpossible for you with Japanese corporations through SHECOM. Most of the automation equipments around the world are either developed by Japanese corporations or with Japanese collaboration. Japan has the best technology inmaking automobiles, its system, parts and manufacturing equipments. Japan will lead in making them eco-friendly.
SHECOM is centrally located in Japan. SHECOM Kobe office is about 3minutes walk from Sanomiya Station. Sanomiya is Kobe’s junction with 7 different Train companies operating, including Shinkansen (nicknamed Bullet Train). Kobe is famous as a Sea Port of Japan. Certain portion of the sea was filled to make an Airport and on 16th Feb 2006, Kobe was blessed with an Airport, which is about 12 minutes away from Sanomiya Station. Travel time between Sanomiya (Kobe) to Japan’s 2nd largest City Osaka, is about 19minutes by train departing every five minutes. 2Hours 40minutes by Bullet Train to Tokyo leaving every 10minutes. Flight time from Kobe Airport to Tokyo airport is 55 minutes, about 12 flights every day.

If you are not well represented in Japan, think about SHECOM. You may be quite busy at home front and english speaking countries. SHECOM can be used for attending to your requirements in Japanese Market for your global stardom. Your company may be committed to equilibrium of yields with precious demands, SHECOM can make your corporation grow with strings of dividends.

You maybe over-committed in a volatile market scenario. Consultancy, Technical Services and Collaboration with Japanese corporation might be a brighter way. Quantitive easing and global increase has made Japanese corporations equally alert about global strength. Memories are hard to erase, Japanese ties are old and respectable, with the opening of global economy, formidable business methods can be worked out.