New, Innovative, Functional Driven and Endorsement product with phenomenal drive makes Japan an important venue for R&D.

Japan is famous for quality, designing, compatibility, microscopic, new developments, makingpractical use of developed products and refining the existing products and development. There are several Mechatronic magazines, institutes, corporations and individuals unknown outside Japan and it may not be easy for them to accept changes and get involved in R&D centers or corporations in your home country.

Detailed drawings, specifications and quick parts procurements play larger role in any R&D. Adding to these values, if a facility, surroundings, co-ordination, friendly and helping attitude of local people and Engineering support is available, it is just like having a dream come true. Japan is blessed with all these great values. It is said that for Japanese, “Work” is God and most of them follow whole-heartedly. Time is so important for them that trains arrive perfectly on time, allowing disorganized person to adjust his watch with proper train arrival! Employers have to beg workers to please take holiday.

It is a proven fact that neighboring countries like S.Korea, Taiwan, China, etc., came up in their Industrial expansion in the shortest possible time by opening up their R&D Centers in Japan.

Developing countries and their economy is moving faster than expected. Infrastructureand quality need to be addressed drastically. To expect that a Japanese company will go to your destination and give all their technology is questionable to time and money. World has changed for good with the Internet followed with fast travel and transport between places for R&D talents, it is quite economical to have R&D center in Japan. To follow the success stories of peers is best option, there are several experienced top level dedicated Engineers available in Japan who may not wish to settle outside Japan but can be motivated to work for your R&D team. Do give a special thought to the venture and be assured that SHECOM can assist you with their vast experience.